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The Arts

In addition to grants, $47,000 of SchoolPower’s Annual Gift to LBUSD supports performing and visual arts for middle and high school students.

The Arts Teacher Grants


Drama Classroom Lighting System, $8,000, Alexis Karol and Peter Roche, LBHS
Wacom Art Tables, $7,638, Kerry Pellow and Bridget Beaudry Porter, LBHS
Let Video Production Serve All, $4,985, Jun Shen, LBHS

Rotary Labs, $1,600, Scott Wittkop, LBHS
Arts in School, $4,500, Cheri David and the first grade team and Debbie Finnerty and the second grade team, EMS

The Renovation of the Greene Room, $5,000, Mark Dressler and Peter Roche, LBHS
Moving Video Production Forward, $2,439, Jun Shen, LBHS
The Garden is a Gallery, $1,800, Tamara Wong, EMS

The Garden is a Gallery, $1,605, 3rd Grade Team, EMS
Mobile Display Case, $2,255, Somer Selway, LBHS
Technology for Art Department, $5,000, Scott Wittkop and Kerry Pellow, LBHS

Expanding Multimedia, $990, Andy Crisp, TMS