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Schools and Community

The dream of a truly great public education cannot be realized without a strong partnership between educators, parents and local businesses. SchoolPower’s aim is to bring the entire Laguna Beach community together behind our schools.

Businesses are connected to our schools through SchoolPower’s Business Alliance, Laguna Locals Card, auction donations and event sponsorships. Local families are encouraged to support the businesses that support our schools.

SchoolPower Student Directory
The SchoolPower Student Directory is a wonderful tool linking families with local businesses and each other. Thanks to advertisers, the Directory is a gift from SchoolPower to every family in the school district. SchoolPower also provides annual funding to the District Call-Out System. This communication tool provides a practical method of conveying regular or urgent messages to district parents.

In addition to raising money, SchoolPower Events, ranging from dodgeball to dining and dancing are a great way for district families and community members to come together. If you have a child in the schools, own a business, live or work in Laguna, there’s a way for you to join SchoolPower’s community-wide effort.

Laguna Beach High School
625 Park Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949) 497-7750
“I’ve been principal here a year now and I have really come to see the impact that SchoolPower has on learning and student support in our district. We boast a 21st century learning environment because of the enormous contributions of SchoolPower for technology, modern classroom design, science equipment and performing and visual arts support. SchoolPower supports every student at Laguna Beach High School through their generous support of an additional counselor, athletics, music, communication and so much more. As Principal and as a parent of a LBUSD student, it’s refreshing to know that we have such a strong network of financial and community support.” – Principal Chris Herzfeld
Thurston Middle School
2100 Park Ave.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949) 497-7785
“SchoolPower continues to support Thurston in creating Future Ready classrooms. Thanks to the generous contributions provided by SchoolPower our teachers are able to see their visions come to fruition. Our Thurston students are able to experience 21st Century Learning in a variety of classroom settings, in a variety of ways… each and every day. Thank you SchoolPower.” – Principal Jennifer Salberg
El Morro Elementary School
El Morro Elementary School
8681 North Coast Hwy.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949) 497-7780
“SchoolPower is a tremendous asset to El Morro Elementary School. I really believe that El Morro is one of the best elementary schools in California for many reasons. One of those reasons is our whole child approach, which SchoolPower supports whole-heartedly. SchoolPower does this by helping us provide Chorus, Band and Strings options for our upper grade students. While many schools have had to reduce or cut their music offerings, we have expanded ours. On behalf of El Morro’s staff and students, I would like to thank SchoolPower for their continued generosity and support!” – Principal Chris Duddy
Top Of The World Elementary School
21601 Tree Top Lane
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Phone: (949) 497-7790
“We are so blessed to have such incredible community involvement and support here in Laguna. SchoolPower is an integral part of the successful educational system we have established at Top of the World. The support of SchoolPower can be seen every day with technology upgrades, classroom resources, reduced class sizes and our extensive music offerings for all students. We thank you for everything you do for Top of the World Elementary School to make this a special place for children.” – Principal Michael Conlon

Laguna Beach Unified School District
550 Blumont Street
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Tel: (949) 497-7700
Fax: (949) 497-6021