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Empowered Educators

LBUSD teachers say Thank You!

Few jobs are more important—or more challenging—than educating our children. Without sufficient resources, even the most dedicated teachers can't deliver the most enriching programs. By supporting teachers and providing classroom resources, SchoolPower cultivates innovation, teacher leadership and collaboration. This not only provides resources to help teachers succeed in the classroom, it creates a positive professional environment and helps to attract the best teachers to our district.

Every year, SchoolPower supports teachers through two specific programs — Community Campaign designations and the SchoolPower Endowment Teacher Grant Program. Community Campaign Donors of over $600 may direct 20% of their donation to a program, grade level teacher team, PTA, sport or teacher of their choice. SchoolPower Endowment’s Teacher Grants Program allows teachers and administrators to dream big for LBUSD students, and then, fulfill those dreams. Grants, which range from grades K to 12, and subjects ranging from advanced chemistry equipment to a ballet bar to a potter’s kiln are announced each Spring.

Every year enthusiastic educators apply for SchoolPower grants to enrich their classroom experience. Grants cut across all educational disciplines and are thoroughly veted by LBUSD leaders and SchoolPower Endowment. Grants are approved based on their impact, creativity and sustainability. The grants awarded for the 2016-2017 school year are:

Laguna Beach High School
TeachersDepartment/ClassGrant TitleAwarded
Kerry Pellow and Bridget Beaudry PorterArtWacom Art Tablets$7,638
Cyndi Kimball, Lynn Gregory, and Ann BergenCareer ServicesCareer Mentor Program$8,600
Dawn HunnicutEnglishFull Wall Classroom White Board$5,732
Alexis Karol and Peter RochePerforming ArtsDrama Classroom Lighting System$8,000
Carrie DentonScienceAirwolf Axiom 3D Printer$4,801
Steve Sogo and Alondra HartfordScienceBenchtop Autoclave for Microbiology Research$4,600
Jun ShenVideo ProductionLet Video Production Serve All$4,985
  LBHS Total$44,356

Thurston Middle School
TeachersDepartment/ClassGrant TitleAwarded
Michelle MartinezScienceBone Farm – Forensic Bone Identification Lab$8,000
Jesse RothmanScienceTMS Digital STEAM grant$14,125
  TMS Total$22,125

Top of the World Elementary
TeachersDepartment/ClassGrant TitleAwarded
Kimberly Mattson, Brett Bond, June Hosokawa, and Carol Mignosa1st GradeOSMO$5,000
Kari Damato, Marie Bammer, Tricia Engel, and Maryann Thomas4th GradeLearning in Motion$2,300
Kimberly Mattson, Lynda Davis and 5th grade teachers5th GradeDot and Dash$2,816
Melanie Whitenack, Kevin Nguyen, and Lisa ManionCLC TeachersElementary Maker Space$2,000
  TOW Total$12,116

El Morro Elementary
TeachersDepartment/ClassGrant TitleAwarded
Tami MaysKindergartenWorld of Words Reading Program Bundles$755
Mary Blanton and Tami MaysKindergartenTerrace Garden$2,000
Lisa Williams, Gretchen Sjule, Mary Blanton, and Tami MaysKindergartenOSMO Technology$2,138
Deborah Finnerty, Marilyn Beauchemin, Kim Krause, and Cama Stevens2nd GradeGaining STEAM in Second Grade$1,106
Kimberly Krause2nd GradeOSMO$639
Annie Bochenek, Kathy Vick, Heather Besecker, and Denise Grey4th GradeBreak It, Take It, Drop It$650
Denise Grey, Heather Besecker, Annie Bochenek, and Kathy Vick4th GradeLight! Sound! Snap!$1,645
  ELM Total$8,933


Through the generosity of our community, SchoolPower presented a total of $85,905 for Teacher Designations. Here is a past video of teachers sharing their gratitude.

Thank you to the 821 donors who contributed $509,000 to the Community Campaign so far this year! Donors who contribute $600+ may designate 20% of their donation towards a grade level, program, PTA, or teacher. And, SchoolPower supplements the designations so that every teacher at LBUSD receives a minimum of $200 each year!