Hall of Fame

Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers - 2013 Hall of Fame Award Recipient

SchoolPower annually recognizes a business supporter for its outstanding and ongoing contributions. This year’s “Claes” Hall of Fame Award recipient is Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers. The local business, owned by brothers David and Gary Rubel, has generated over $75,000 for SchoolPower since 2004 through generous contributions of beautiful jewelry for event auctions. In explaining their remarkable commitment to SchoolPower, Gary Rubel said, “Dave and I realized very early on how special our town is – both family and community oriented. Laguna Beach schools not only mirror that sense of community, but help create an environment for our children to learn, grow and reach their true potential. We don’t think there is a more important cause than our children;s education and that is why we are very proud to be involved with SchoolPower.”

Claes AndersenIt is true that SchoolPower is only as successful as the passion and commitment of its donors. Throughout the years there have been certain individuals and businesses whose involvement in SchoolPower has made a singular difference in the success of the organization and our schools.

The Hall of Fame Award (aka The Claes Award) was named in honor of its first recipient, Claes Andersen. Mr. Andersen, owner of The Hotel Laguna and its Claes Restaurant, opened his restaurant to SchoolPower in 2001, underwriting his annual dinner for seven consecutive years, as well as hosting many dinners for 50 as auction items for SchoolPower's gala, the Dinner Dance. Cumulatively, Mr. Andersen and his family have donated over $200,000 to SchoolPower.

In yet one more act of amazing generosity, the Andersen family had offered to host its 8th Claes dinner, when Mr. Andersen passed away tragically on August 11, 2010. Insisting that he would want it to continue, his wife, Georgia, carried on with the fall event. Recipients of this award are filling very big shoes. SchoolPower cannot express its gratitude enough to the Andersen family. We all are in their debt.


2013 - Fredric H. Rubel Jewelers

2012 - Cary and Suzanne Redfearn of The Lumberyard (read the Press Release)

2011 - Laguna Graphic Arts

2010 - David Wilson

2009 - Hearts of Montage

2008 - Philo Smith & David Wilhelm

2007 - Don Crevier

2006 - Claes Andersen

Mike Austin and  David Rubel
Mike Austin, Cary and Suzanne Redfearn, Marcus Skenderian
Arash and Ali Rounaghi of Laguna Graphic Arts David Wilson and Marcus Skenderian Don Crevier
Laura Poochigian, Chris Loidolt, Jeff Spurlock accepting for Hearts of Montage David Wilhelm and Philo Smith


The Bill Steel Award

To understand the significance of the Bill Steel Award one must know of the achievements of the man it is named for. Starting in 1997-98, Mr. Steel took charge of the Community Campaign and ran it for ten years straight. The year he took over, the Community Campaign spiked from raising $30,000 the year prior to an unprecedented $81,000. He continued to inspire people to give more each of the ten years he was in charge. In 2008, his final year, the Campaign raised upwards of $500,000. In the midst of all this success, he also managed to add SchoolPower Board President to his resume from 2000-2001. Clearly, recipients of this award are individuals who are not only dedicated, but possess stamina as firm believers in Laguna's public schools.


2013 - Kim Ressler

2012 - Beth McCombs

2010 - Kathleen and Bill Moore

2009 - Fouad and Cynthia Houalla

2008 - Bill Steel