SchoolPower Endowment Teacher Grant Program

Grant Program Details
The SchoolPower Endowment Fund encourages innovation, creativity and excellence in our schools. We therefore invite you to submit a grant request for programs that you would like to implement in 2014-2015.

Grant Program Goals:

  • To encourage excellence and innovation in teaching
  • To fund innovative or additional programs in the LBUSD that might not otherwise be possible within current district budget priorities
  • To expand upon current curriculum with innovative teaching strategies
  • To build on successfully executed grants from past years

All teachers, administrators, and classified staff of LBUSD are eligible to apply for grants, as long as direct impact on students can be demonstrated. All grant proposals must be supplemental to the instructional programs.

Scope and Requirements
Grant awards are based on the demonstrated needs of the project and the funds available. In some cases, an award may cover only a portion of the entire projected cost. A detailed budget is essential for projected costs, describing how the entire budget will be spent. Please present the precise cost (not estimates), in your grant application.

All expenditures for equipment and supplies must be consistent with the description outlined in the application. All materials and equipment purchased with SEF funds become the property of the LBUSD.

Grants are not intended to pay for college or graduate school courses, or programs for which funds are otherwise available. Nor should they be used to purchase materials, such as core curriculum text and standard school supplies, which should be covered in the school's operational budget.

All grants exceeding $10,000 must be discussed with site principal prior to submitting an application. LBUSD is developing a multi-year plan to expand student access to technological devices in all classrooms where such devices will be beneficial. Such devices, including iPad and Chromebook carts, will be the likely subject of SchoolPower’s 2014 Fund-a-Need. Due to this district-wide effort and the overwhelming cost of these devices, entire classroom sets of iPad and Chrome book will not be considered during this year’s Teacher Grant process.

Criteria for Evaluation
Your Principal, District, SEF Grant Committee and in some cases a District Technology representative will be looking at each grant application. Criteria on rubric used to evaluate will include but not limited to:

  • Creativity/Originality
  • Long Term Impact
  • Cost/Benefit Ratio
  • Number of students impacted?
  • Can it be duplicated by others?
  • Is SchoolPower SEF the best funding source?
  • Does it enhance the Curriculum?



  • The grant process is open as of Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
  • Grant Application Form is available here: (or visit Applications will only be accepted via on-line process; no paper applications.
  • Prior year grant recipient's evaluations on the online Feedback Form at are due February 14th, 2014.
  • No new grant applications will be accepted unless prior year's grant evaluations have been submitted.


  • Grant application process continues.

March - April:

  • Application Process closes at 5:00pm on Wednesday March 5th, 2014. There will be no exceptions to this closing date.
  • Comments & Ratings by Principals, Tech Dept (when applicable) & District
  • Additional information requested from teachers, as needed.


  • SEF Teacher Grant Committee reviews and makes recommendations.
  • SEF Endowment Board to vote on committee's recommendations.
  • Notifications of grant decisions distributed.
  • May 27 or June 10: Presentation of grants awarded at School Board meeting (recipient teachers encouraged to attend for photo and description of grant)

Please note that due to limited funds, not all worthy applications can be approved in any given year.

Grants awarded for the past three school years are:

Science and Math

2015 grants
A New Window on the World (Spectrophotometry for Honors Chemistry), $9995, LBHS
Making Math Mobile, $4,000, TMS
2014 Life Science iPad Print Workstation, $2425, TMS

2014 grants
ST Math Program Renewal and Generation 5 Major Upgrade, $3000, Lisa Hansen, CLC
Outdoor Science, $5000, Richard Selin, TMS
Toshiba Tablets for Chemistry Education, $1700, Steven Sogo, LBHS
Science Partnership with UCSD Chemists, $3500, Steven Sogo, LBHS
Cal Math Council Annual Conference,$2970, Valorie Quigley, LBHS

Outdoor Science Scholarship Fund, $5000, Richard Selin, TMS

7th grade Lab Network, $7869, Linda Hill-Lindsay, TMS
Bill Nye The Science Guy DVD's, $2400, Ina Inouye, TMS
TMS Science Camp, $5000, Richard Selin, TMS
Funding for Advances Chemical Research, $1000, Steven Sogo, LBHS
TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculators Class Set (30), $4000, Kimberly Wahlstrom, LBHS


Digital Photography, $8120, LBHS
Pasco Sensors, $6320, LBHS
5th Grade iPad Keyboards, $2335, TOW

5 Laptops for Center Enrichment, $3871, TOW
iPad classroom pilot program, $600, LBHS
History Alive! Virtual Notebook, $10000, Michelle Martinez, TMS

iPads for Education Elementary 5th grade pilot project funded by combined Endowment Grant and a donation from the Martini family, $37300, 5th grade teams), TOW and ELM
iPad cases, $4200, EM, Tauna Knudson
Innovative teaching using the iPod Touch, $7500, TOW, Ron LaMotte
Expanding Multimedia at Thurston, $990, Andy Crisp

Structured Independent Learning on a Laptop, $9999, EM, 4th grade team
Rtl Progress Laptops, $6000, EM, Kim Adams
Innovative Teaching using the iPod Touch ,$8000, Linda Barker, TOW
Laptops for 5th grade, $8000, TOW, Rosie Haynes

Language Arts

English Department Modernize Technology, $30724, LBHS
Decisive Reading, $1000, TOW

3rd grade Common Core Literacy Support, $800, EM, Wong
Learning Headquarters Common Core Writing Training, $1500, Marie Bammer, EM
Junior Great Books, $898, 1st Grade Team, TOW
Text Complexity - Common Core State Standards, $2000, Dustin Gowan, TOW
Literacy w/ Non-fiction, $1000, 1st Grade Team, TOW
Learning Headquarters Common Core Writing Training, Marie Bammer, TOW
Classroom Library Improvement, $800, Mary Minerman, TOW

Scholastic Reading Counts, $2500, Chris Duddy and Claudia Cameron, EM
Words with Students, $300, Annie Bochenek, EM
Scrabble Flash, $300, Denise Grey, EM
Newspapers 2 Journalism Workshop, $2100, Jim Brusky, LBHS

Scrabble School, $650, Heather Besecker, EM
Scholastic Reading Counts, $2500, Mr. Duddy, EM
Listening to Reading on iPods, $825, Shannon Grasso, EM
Updating Literacy Listening Centers, $2500, Kimberly Mattson, TOW

Foreign Language

French Learning Library Funding for Books, $1000, Randi Beckley, TMS

French Learning Library, $500, Randi Beckley, TMS

The Arts

Renovation of the Greene Room, $5000, LBHS
The Garden is a Gallery, $1,800

Mobile Display Case, $2255, Somer Selway, LBHS 
Technology for Art Department, $5000, Scott Wittkop/Kerry Pellow, LBHS
The Garden is a Gallery, $1605, 3rd Grade Team, EM

Expanding Multimedia, $990, Andy Crisp, TMS

Athletics and Wellness

Moving Video Production Forward, $2439, LBHS
Leadership Curriculum, $1059, TMS
Reality Works Baby Updating, $2600, TMS
Coffee Break, $2000

PAL Leadership Training, $1500, Melinda Hawkins, LBHS
Coffee Break, $5000, Cindy Newman Jacobs
Social Skills Facilitation Project, $15000, Irene White

Naviance Software - College & Career Readiness, $7800, Dr. Culverhouse, LBHS
LBHS College & Career Planning Guide, $4,200, Nichole Rosa, LBHS
Coffee Break, $5000, Cindy Newman Jacobs

Every Age, Every Stage Parent Mentors Package, $500, Irene White
Coffee Break, $3500, Cindy Newman Jacobs