Empowered Educators

Few jobs are more important—or more challenging—than educating our children. Without sufficient resources, even the most dedicated teachers can't deliver the most enriching programs. By supporting teachers and providing classroom resources, SchoolPower cultivates innovation, teacher leadership and collaboration. This not only provides resources to help teachers succeed in the classroom, it creates a positive professional environment and helps to attract the best teachers to our district.

Every year, SchoolPower supports teachers through two specific programs -- Community Campaign designations and the SchoolPower Endowment Teacher Grant Program. Community Campaign Donors of over $600 may direct 20% of their donation to a program, grade level teacher team, PTA, sport or teacher of their choice. SchoolPower Endowment's Teacher Grants Program allows teachers and administrators to dream big for LBUSD students, and then, fulfill those dreams. Grants, which range from grades K to 12, and subjects ranging from advanced chemistry equipment to a ballet bar to a potter's kiln are announced each Spring.

Every year enthusiastic educators apply for SchoolPower grants to enrich their classroom experience. Grants cut across all educational disciplines and are thoroughly veted by LBUSD leaders and SchoolPower Endowment. Grants are approved based on their impact, creativity and sustainability. The grants awarded for the 2014-2015 school year are:

Teachers Department/Class Grant Title Awarded
Laguna Beach High School
Kerry Pellow, Bridget Beaudry-Porter, Somer Selway, Scott WittkopArtDigital Photography$8,120
Jun ShenEnglishEnglish Department Modernization$30,724
Carrie DentonSciencePasco Sensors$6,320
Steve SogoScienceA New Window on the World (Spectrophotometry for H Chem)$9,995
Jun ShenEnglishMoving Video Production Forward$2,439
Mark Dressler & Peter RochePerforming ArtsThe Renovation of the Greene Room$5,000
   LBHS Total $62,598
Thurston Middle School
Leah PrettymanEnglishLeadership Curriculum$1,059
Michelle MartinezSocial StudiesHistory Alive! Take 2$2,000
Jennifer SpitlerMathMaking Math Mobile$4,000
Penny Herrick-DresslerHealthReality Works Baby Updating$2,600
Linda Hill-LindsayScience2014 Life Science iPad Print Workstation$2,425
   TMS Total $12,084
Top of the World Elementary
Rosie Haynes5th GradeDecisive Reading$1,000
Susan Dick5th GradeTOW 5th Grade iPad Keyboards$2,335
   TOW Total $3,335
El Morro Elementary
Shannon Velotta (Grasso)3rd GradeTime Magazine For Kids$600
Tamara Wong3rd GradeThe Garden is a Gallery$1,800
   ELM Total $2,400
Cindy Newman-JacobsDistrict Parent EducationLaguna Beach PTA Parent Education - Coffee Break$2,000
   District Total $2,000
TOTAL $82,417

Photo by Kevin Yates, LBUSD